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AWARDS (Christine Brown, Chair)

Solicits nominations from members of the Association and selects the recipients of the following awards given annually: Outstanding Agent of the Year, Outstanding Company Representative, Outstanding Committee Chairman, Outstanding Young Professional Agent, Outstanding Committee Person, Outstanding Young Professional Company Person and reviews the criteria for all awards; bestows other special awards as deemed appropriate.


BUDGET AND FINANCE (Mike Sanford, Chair)

Reviews staff-prepared budget for the annual operation of the Association’s business on a calendar year basis; serves the audit committee functions by reviewing the annual CPA audit or CPA financial review with the Association Executive; recommends amount of annual dues for the Board’s approval; and maintains a complete file of all actions and reports. Has an Investment Subcommittee which monitors, studies and recommends changes to the association’s investment portfolio, managed by a professional investment firm and/or counselor, and maintains the association’s investment in accordance with the board-approved investment policy.


CONVENTION (Carla Marks/Heather Etheridge, Co-Chairs)

Plans an annual meeting program for each summer; develops the theme; suggests speakers, entertainment and other programs for the convention; solicits sponsors and trade show exhibitors, and coordinates activities with PIA staff who are responsible for the actual conduct and management of the convention and trade fair.


EDUCATION (Cole Tucker, Chair)

Develops and establishes educational programs to meet member-agent needs, in conjunction with changes within the insurance industry; plans and directs all Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR); Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA), Pre-Licensing, Ethics, and other education programs; plus special education conferences conducted from time to time on a regional basis. Monitors PIA participation in insurance degree programs at various community colleges.


CERTIFIED INSURANCE COUNSELOR (CIC) Subcommittee (Rick Beskin, Chair)

Plans the CIC Institutes and Ruble Graduate Seminars in accordance with standards set by the Society of CIC; selects instructors, dates, and locations of the programs; reviews evaluations submitted by attendees of each Institute and Seminar; and recommends increases in fees when necessary. Monitors PIA on-site coordination of National Alliance programs for CRM designation and Specialty Rubles in Virginia. Members of the committee must have the CIC designation.


SEVA Education ExPO Subcommittee (Tom Freridge, Chair)

Plans and develops a 2-day education conference each even numbered year in the Tidewater area providing 16 hours of P&C CE (both company-sponsored and PIA sponsored) for agencies located roughly North of US Route 17.  L&H CE is included. Selects locations, sets dates, suggests topics for speakers, promotes the Education ExPO to all agents and companies; solicits sponsors and exhibitors, and coordinates efforts with staff to deliver the event.


SWVA Education ExPO Subcommittee (Jordan & Jodi Reynolds, Co-Chairs)

Plans and develops a 2-day education conference each even numbered year in SWVA providing 16 hours of P&C CE (both company-sponsored and PIA sponsored) for agencies located west of Route 29.  L&H CE is also included. Selects locations, sets dates, suggests topics for speakers, promotes the Education ExPO to all agents and companies; solicits sponsors and exhibitors, and coordinates efforts with staff to deliver the event.



Composed of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past President and one appointed non-officer board member, the committee acts, on a limited basis, in the board’s stead between regular board meetings and selects appointments to board vacancies and annual Convention locations. The ExComm reviews new product and service proposals; maintains awareness of federal legislative and regulatory activities by PIA National Association, serves as the compensation committee for the Association Executive, and coordinates communication and PR activities with the Association Executive.


GOVERNANCE (Robby Grandy, Chair)

Made up of PIA Past Presidents and appointed leaders, and is responsible for development and maintenance of association governance structure, processes, programs and procedures, including selecting candidates for Board seats; candidates for PIA and PIAIS Board officer seats; candidates for PIA National Director; new board member training and orientation; development, maintenance and enforcement of the Board Policy Manual; Board performance assessment, and leadership perpetuation.


LEGISLATIVE (Dave Comey, Chair)

Maintains an awareness of all proposed insurance legislation in the Virginia General Assembly; takes appropriate action to influence such legislation to the best interest of the Association membership; maintains a close liaison with the Bureau of Insurance and the chairmen of the Senate and House insurance committees; suggests any legislation which the PIA should consider having introduced into the legislature; and attends pertinent hearings and committee meetings of the Virginia legislature.


MEMBERSHIP (Brandon Hedrick, Chair)

Promotes membership in the Association by making current and prospective members aware of the benefits of membership in PIA; contacts late renewals; contacts new member prospects locally; recommends strategies and practices to grow membership; and develops an annual plan to attract new members, especially young agents, and to retain existing members.


PHILANTHROPY (Christine Brown, Chair)

Develops programs which raise funds to contribute to the Virginia and District of Columbia Special Olympics and other charities by conducting an annual Golf Tournament; and other fundraising events; promotes participation in fundraising efforts.


STRATEGIC PLANNING (Mike Sanford, Chair)

Reviews and develops the strategic plan of the Association for the board; develops a plan from which the Association Executive creates an annual management action plan, including quality, time, people, expenses and income; and meets the assigned  time frame for goal achievement; reviews the plan annually with the Board; reviews Association by-laws and makes recommendations to the Board when necessary.



This is a unique leadership group for insurance industry people 45 years old and younger. Dedicated to developing education and networking opportunities for younger agents, the committee has sponsored activities at PIAVA/DC conventions, assisted other committees on projects, supports fund-raising events, participates in the PIA National’s Federal Legislative Summit in Washington, DC, and its YIP Advisory Council; and conducts planning for a young agents participation at Convention, Spring Conference and Fall Conference each year.



PIAVA/DC Board of Directors

Governs the PIAVA/DC, a dual-state trade association located in Richmond, VA, with 16 directors elected to three-year terms from throughout the region.


PIA Education Foundation (Gerald Hemphill, Chair)

Governed by a board of trustees, this 501(c) 3 charitable foundation provides funding for scholarships for students and agents in the insurance industry.


PIA Insurance Services, Inc. (Robby Grandy, Chair)

Governed by a separate board of directors, this wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of PIAVA/DC operates an Agents’ E&O insurance agency offering insurance products for the benefit of PIA members and others.


PROPAC (John Potthast, Chair)

Governed by a separate board of trustees, PROPAC is the PIA of VA Political Action Committee and the PIAVA/DC political action committee which makes contributions to campaigns of candidates, statewide officers and incumbent legislators who are favorably disposed toward the independent agency system in Virginia and DC.