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PIA Member Benefits News

Timely dissemination of information to association members is a cornerstone of PIA of VA & DC’s service program and a mainstay of the association’s communication program with members across the Commonwealth and in DC.

The monthly PIA Member Benefits News newsletter is delivered to members via email and includes news of the association, its leadership, committees and new services to members.

PIA Logos

One of the more important benefits of being a PIA member, affiliate (affiliates are chartered PIA state/regional associations that have a current affiliate agreement in force with PIA National), sponsor, or award winner is the privilege of authorized use of the PIALogo to convey your relationship with PIA. The purpose of these Guidelines is to insure proper use of the PIA Logos by the association’s members, affiliates, partners, sponsors, award winners and other authorized entities. It provides PIA’s rules for using the Logos along with explanations and examples of proper usage. By complying with these rules, you help PIA maintain its established image and reputation.